Gatwick Airport Expansion

Gatwick Airport's plans seek to convert their existing emergency runway into operational second runway, which will allow the airport to increase their maximum capacity accommodating more departures and arrivals.

If Gatwick were to convert its emergency runway into a second runway, the Airport estimates that it would be able to handle up to 75 million passengers a year with an increase from 55 to 60 aircraft movements an hour. Gatwick Airport hopes that this second runway would be operational by 2029.

Gatwick says that its plans are a low impact way to unlock new capacity by using what we already have. We will also secure our long term growth, generate 18,400 extra jobs and £1.5 billion for the local area and region by 2038.

My job is to do my best to represent all residents and I know this particular topic attracts quite different opinions with residents having perspectives about the economic benefits, employment opportunities, aircraft noise and the environment in general. I am 'listen mode' at the moment on this and it would really help me to know what you think by completing this quick 30 second survey to let me know your views.

You can also submit your comments to Gatwick Airport's consultation, and find out more information, by clicking here.