Ending Online Anonymity

I am supporting the launch of my constituent Katie Price’s petition to end anonymity on the largest social media platforms.

Katie is a veteran campaigner on this topic and I was pleased to work with her to raise awareness of this issue and to support the petition which we aim to get debated in Parliament. Katie is also a mum standing up for her disabled son Harvey, and her protective instincts are something that we can all identify with. By calling out the terrible abuse that happens online, she is working to make social media a safe platform for all. 

I believe it would be a simple process for the largest social media companies to enable users to verify their identity using readily available technology already used by others. Removing the cloak of anonymity would be a big step forward in tackling the worst online harms without restricting anyone’s freedom of speech under the law.  

              You can sign the petition at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/575833