Campaigning on unsustainable development

Delivering sustainable housing growth for future generations is key to levelling up the UK. I believe that a planning system based on a clear legal framework and open consultation with local residents is at the heart of responsible development.     

Our green fields and communities must not be inappropriately under blight and siege from developers when the homes the nation needs should be in towns and cities which already have the facilities that residents need and want.

Whilst there is plenty which is promising in the debate for properly reforming our planning system, I know that some have questions around certain aspects of proposals to build in West Sussex, the future of planning and its relationship local Neighbourhood Plans. More than anything, I value our green fields and communities. I have been working closely with Ministers to ensure that development does not impact these assets in negative way.

I know that many constituents do not wish to see planning developments that increase potential jeopardy on local facilities and infrastructure, and this is something I have been raising in my discussions with decisionmakers since the day I was elected.

In my work with the APPG for Dark Skies, I have encouraged consultation on how the planning system can be reformed to reduce light pollution to preserve the ability of future generations to see the Milky Way on a dark night. The results of these consultations have been presented to my Ministerial colleagues who have said that they are enthusiastic to take on-board the view of communities most affected by possible plans to expand housing growth.

I am fortunate to be able to raise concerns with Ministers and work constructively with colleagues to ensure that plans to level up the UK are shaped around our existing communities in a way that works for everyone.


ANGMERING DEVELOPMENT: You can read my comments regarding an application to build 191 premises at Golfers Lane by clicking on the link below.


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Arundel MP secures withdrawal of controversial planning algorithm

A high-profile campaign in Parliament which Arundel & South Downs MP, Andrew Griffith, helped to orchestrate has been successful in preventing a change to a controversial algorithm that would have significantly increased housebuilding across West Sussex.

Shoreham Cement Works

Shoreham Cement Works is the largest brownfield site within the South Downs National Park. ITV Meridian broadcast their report about this site on Friday 9th October which I contributed to.

Andrew Griffith: Housing numbers algorithm flawed

Arundel & South Downs MP Andrew Griffith spoke passionately in a debate in the House of Commons on Monday 7th September in which he asked the Government to review the method by which housing numbers are calculated.

Another example of a flawed algorithm

In Andrew’s weekly article for Sussex newspapers, he talks about the recent concerns over exam results, and the importance of oversight and responsibility for the use of computer algorithms in public life, whether for students’ grades or local planning allocations.

Build homes where the infrastructure exists

One issue that many residents are understandably concerned about is the influx of small boats illegally trying to cross the Channel. I myself have visited UN Syrian refugee camps in Jordan myself and seen the seas of tents stretching to the far horizon. As ever, refugees were mostly the elderly,